10 Sustainable Food Brands We Use

There's nothing better than biting into a warm, soft brownie, fresh from the oven - delicious, gooey and oh-so-sweet. Here at Norah's Brownies, we believe you should enjoy every last bite of our sweet treats. To help you do that, we want you to feel as good about the brands we partner with and the products we use as you do about that first bite of a brownie.

We have always looked at working with other small businesses to ensure that our company supports sustainable and ethical products. We love these brands and hope you do to

1 : Good Hemp


"It’s our hero – and we’re here to spread the good word. Not only is it one of the most sustainable, planet-friendly plants around – it’s also one of the most nutritious, with super seeds that are perfect powerhouses of goodness".

We love Good Hemp because of their positive ethos of health and the environment . You'll notice on their website they have tons of information about why hemp is good for you and the soil when planted.

We Use Good Hemp CBD oil in our CBD brownies found in the chill out gift box .

Check out Good Hemps mission to help us all shop more sustainable . This guide is so helpful when looking at ways to shop more sustainably.


2 : Freedom Marshmallows


"Freedom confectionery became the second gelatin free producer of marshmallows commercially worldwide, making them suitable for vegan, vegetarian and allergy free from consumers and completely natural! Freedom Confectionery love to support chosen organization’s who have continuous ongoing programs and processes where a tangible relationship can prosper. Our support is focused through our brand and products in a form of sponsorship that develops a valuable relationships with our partners; creating that special mallow feeling. Together we can identify possible new research and development projects that highlight areas for improvements amongst the Free From Confectionery sectors."

I first met Evin at the Allergy & Free From show a couple of years back . We have continued a close relationship with Freedom Mallows and use their products in a wide range of our brownies and bronuts. We use the marshmallows in our S'more cookie sandwiches, s'more bronuts, marshmallow bronuts & our vegan brownie baking kit .

3 : Honey Berry International


"With years of experience in the food industry we at HoneyBerry have always strived to achieve maximum freshness and flavour whilst remaining as natural as nature intended."

We have always used Honeyberry to top our brownies & bronuts, with a wide variety of freeze dried fruit and natural flavourings. This place is like an Aladdins cave and have always enjoyed the wide range and the new flavours that they bring.

You will find Honey Berry products in and on all our products that have freeze dried fruits and flavourings .

4 : Just Ingredients


" We are BRC accredited. You can rest assured that our products are always responsibly sourced and we have the highest food safety standards."
"All our products are non-irradiated, GM free and free from additives (except where an anti-caking agent is absolutely necessary)."

We love using Just Ingredients, they have such wide range of fantastic products . We use their beetroot powder in our Prosecco Brownies to make that pretty pink colour .

5 : Doisy & Dam


"We're chuffed to be a B Corp: making our business a force for good. Fair pay, direct sourcing, transparent supply chain. Happy everyone."

I'm sure you have all heard of Doisy & Dam, they have a range of vegan chocolate treats. We use these in our party brownies to make a bright and cheerful collection . They use natural ingredients, no palm oil and ethically sourced cocoa.

6 : Green Origins :


'We search the world to bring you 100% pure, ethically-sourced superfoods, with exceptionally high nutritional content. By working closely with our farmers across the globe we ensure our products are nutrient rich, all natural and free from the use of chemicals and preservatives.'

You will find Green Origins in most of our products , we love their ethos and their high quality award winning products .

7 : Meridian https://shop.meridianfoods.co.uk

"Here at Meridian Foods we pride ourselves on being the tastiest, natural nut butter brand in the world who also happens to care about the planet. "
"Every jar is crammed with 100% nuts, or just have a pinch of sea salt added, and absolutely nothing else. We roast the whole peanut in their skins and either crush them to achieve the perfect crunch or grind them until almost (but not quite) smooth."

We were sent a couple of tubs of peanut butter back in the early days of the business. Since eating their peanut butter i have never wanted to use anything else .That is why we use their peanut butter in our peanut butter brownies

8 : Real Food Source


"We are a family run  “real” food business based in East Lothian, Scotland! "
"We source superb real foods from around the world and make them available at the best possible prices online. We create unique, highly nutritious convenient food products from the same real food ingredients we source and sell."
"We work hard to make it easier to avoid overly processed and highly refined foods full of undesirable additives and we firmly believe that healthy eating should be affordable for everyone, it’s why we started the company back in 2011".

We use their products in our Great Taste Award winning with the Fiery Ginger brownies. The Jaffa brownies are topped with their orange powder , all our banana chips , coconut flakes. We also like to use their nuts &seeds like pumpkin seeds and walnuts are all from Real Food Source

9: Doves Farm Free


"it started with a passion, as all good things do. A
As a family business, we’ve milled organic and heritage flours as well as a range of naturally gluten free flours since we were founded. We’ve made biscuits from our wholemeal flour and also reintroduced some of the UK’s lost ancient grains back to our soils. Rye was first, then Spelt, and Einkorn and Emmer soon followed.  Today, we continue to be driven by our original mission to make quality organic flour with care, and the result is a range of unique, distinctive and trusted flours that make home baking a joy".

We love using Doves Farm Freee, it is by far the best gluten free flour around . We like to use the self raising flour. This is so we get a raised fluffy bronut. We also find that the flour itself is finer and less grainy than others. All our vegan products contain Doves Farm Freee .

10: Coconut Merchant


"At Coconut Merchant supporting farmers is the ultimate objective of what we do, we try and get as close to farmers and farmers' cooperatives as possible, and we work hard to make sure they get a fair price for their produce. We currently partner and source from Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia. While there are different models we have in each location, the spirit of what we are aiming for is the same and enshrined in our Sourcing and Environmental Policies."

It started with a gifted jar of coconut oil , 3 years later we rely on their Coconut milk powder in all our vegan products . We use Coconuts merchants coconut milk powder to make our own milk . This goes into our vegan brownies and the bronuts. This avoids packaging waste and allows us to make the milk to the perfect consistency. Their products are ethically sourced, they make sure that the farmers are paid fairly for the hard work they do. So, farm to fork, all the products are picked, packed, shipped and delivered to the highest ethical standard.

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