Lola Pops Baking Kit

Lola Pops Baking Kit


Need an activity to do with the kids ? dont want to feed them junk ? 

Myself, Lola & Norah have designed this baking kit for your enjoyment . Trial and tested by the girls you are sure to have fun and eat some delicious chocoale brownies with all the trimmings . 


All Baking kits come with 

1 x bag of ingredients 

1 x chocolate chips 

1 x bag of marshmallows 

1 x bag of mini Eggs 

1 bag of candy kitten sweets 

1 x spatula

8 x lolly sticks 



Ingredients : unrefined coconut sugar , cocoa, gluten free flour, coconut milk powder  


posted on the 19th April 

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