After Dinner Chocolate Bronuts

After Dinner Chocolate Bronuts


With the success of the mint choc chip bronut , I couldn’t stop there . Inspired by the “ after eight” “ Terry’s Chocolate Orange” & the “ Ferrero Rocher” I bring you a mint , orange and hazelnut chocolate bronut collection box .

They are so gooey and fudgy, there is no one in the world that can tell you tthey taste vegan and gluten free . I cannot tell you how yummy these are , you're just going to have to trust me .


Box includes 

2 x Mint choc chip Bronuts

2 x Hazelnut Choc Bronuts

2 orange chocolate Bronuts


Ingredients : Unrefined coconut sugar , gluten free flour , cocoa, oil , coconut milk powder, hazelnuts , orange powder, chocolate chips, orange oil , mint oil 

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